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Interviewing and selecting staff: Understanding the hiring process (43 mins)

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Dairy Farm Monitor Project - 2015 Results

Each year Dairy Australia employs the Department of Primary Industries to collect quality assured profitability and productivity data from a growing number of farms in NSW.  The NSW Dairy Farm Monitor Project allows farmers to compare their performance against other farms and identify areas for improvement.

Visit the NSW Dairy Farm Monitor Project page for more information and a copy of the annual report.  You can also view the recording of a Webinar held on 20 November 2015.


Attracting and Retaining People in the Dairy Industry - Webinar series

If you employ people onyour dairy farm or are you considering this, you will find valuable information from a series of webinars covering a range of employment related topics. These are available on demand so watch them at your convenience.

Webinar 1: Introduction to The People in Dairy website (58 mins)

Webinar 2: Determining the correct job classifications & writing job descriptions (39 mins)

Webinar 3: Employment contracts, IFAs and flay pay rates explained (52 mins)

Webinar 4: Attracting staff - practical tips to recruit the right people (52 mins)

Webinar 5: Interviewing & selecting staff - understanding the complete hiring process (43 mins)

Webinar 6: Inducting staff - opportunity to create an employment foundation (28 mins)

Webinar 7: Retaining staff - creating an environment that encourages retention (43 mins)

Webinar 8: Reviewing performance - developing & managing your staff to realise their full potential (52 mins)

View the Attracting and Retaining People in the Dairy Industry - Webinar series page.

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Fertility & Mastitis Webinars

InCalf Farmer Webinar 5: Success with sexed semen

InCalf Farmer Webinar 4: DIY AI – do it right!

InCalf Farmer Webinar 3: Bull management

InCalf Farmer Webinar 2: Guide to automated heat detection technologies

InCalf Farmer Webinar 1: Guide to oestrus synchrony

Countdown Farmer Webinar 3: Keys to lower bulk milk cell counts

Countdown Farmer Webinar 2: Mycoplasma biosecurity awareness and what dairy farmers need to know


Countdown Farmer Webinar 1: Pre-milking teat preparation


Year Round Calving

Dr John House, veterinarian and Associate Professor at the University of Sydney speaks about how NSW farmers can achieve successful reproductive performance year round in Australian dairy herds.

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Farm-based Webinars

Dairy Australia offers a range of live and recorded webinars including DairyBase, InCalf, Countdown and Manufacturing.

Access these recorded webinars at your convenience. To view the list, click HERE.


Dairy Australia's Leadership Team June 2014

At the June Members' Council in the Hunter Valley, members of Dairy Australia's leadership team presented on a range of topics - all relevant to farmers and industry in the NSW region.

Ian Halliday, Managing Director, Dairy Australia
Topic: Core focus areas, funding and industry growth
Video duration: 15.33
Click to see the session powerpoint presentation.

Shane Hellwege, Group Manager Industry People and Capability
Topic: Workforce planning and action program and current projects
Video duration: 17.35
Click to see the session powerpoint presentation.

Chris Murphy, Group Manager Farm Productivity and Delivery
Topic: Tour of the farm area highlighting resources to help support farmers achieve farm profitability
Video duration: 14.24
Click to see the session powerpoint presentation.

Kathryn Davis, Program Manager - Animal Health and Fertility
Topic: Insights into national animal husbandry practices and NSW results
Video duration: 18.47
Click to see the session powerpoint presentation.

Bernie Baxter, Industry Relations Manager
Topic: Employment of overseas staff
Video duration: 18.45
Click to see the session powerpoint presentation.