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Farm Safety

Everyone wants a safe place to live and work. The challenge with dairy farms is that they are workplaces and also places where families live.

The prevention of personal injury and ill health associated with working and living on the farm is a priority.

Go to the People in Dairy website for checklists, fact sheets and to order your farm safety kit, click HERE.

Tactics for Tight Times

This site contains tips from experts, fact sheets, videos, tools and resources for managing a dairy farm in tight times. For more information, click Tactics for Tight Times

In addition, Dairy NSW with the support of Dairy Australia is offereing farmers a complimentary Taking Stock advisor. Contact us.

Dairy farmer update - Winter 2016

Get an update on the latest dairy news and developments from Dairy Australia Managing Director, Ian Halliday.


Cash Cow Checklist for Your Dairy Business

Download the Cash Cow Checklist for your Dairy Business - use it as a quick reminder of ways to maintain your business margin everyday and especially in tough times.


What DairyBase is and how to use it

NSW DairyBase Presentation


Automatic Milking Systems

NSW DPI Dairy Facebook Page

NSW DPI Dairy Website

KPIs for AMS farmers

AMS podcasts


Human Resource Management

People in Dairy Webinars

Employment Starter Kit


Situation and Outlook

The Situation and Outlook report analyses current dairy industry conditions, and the outlook for key drivers that affect dairy operation and profits.  An annual report is released mid-year, with updates in February and October.

Download the Dairy Situation and Outlook report for June 2016



Energy report for NSW 2015



NSW drought support funding



Dairying for Tomorrow

DairySAT - The Dairy Self Assessment Tool (DairySAT) is an environmental self assessment interactive web tool for Australian dairy farm developed for dairy farmers by dairy farmers.



Education and careers in the dairy industry

Cows Create Careers

NSW Young Dairy Network - The future of the dairy industry is strongly related to the skills, knowledge and attitude of its people. Investing in the leadership capabilities of young dairy people through targeted professional development opportunities is one way to ensure profitable businesses and capability for rural communities. Dairy Australia established Young Dairy Network Australia (YDNA) to provide a channel for supporting the development of regional young people.

A regional young dairy network (YDN) in NSW is now the conduit to engage young people and new industry entrants. The Dairy NSW YDN helps build leadership capability of young dairy people by providing professional development opportunities and connecting young people to information, events and social networks within the dairy industry.

Dairy Library - Dairy farmers and other members of the dairy industry are able to access the Dairy Australia Library which houses a range of reference materials and publications on a range of topics including farm management, economics and trade, agricultural science, dairy science and technology as well as historical and key dairy industry works.

Scholarships & awards

Dairy industry education (NCDEA) 

For information on the full range of dairy farming programs, consult the 2014 Nation Centre for Dairy Education Australia Dairy Farming Course Guide.

NSW offers four agricultural institutes where you can work towards a career in the dairy industry or have your agriculture and/or conversation and land management skills recognised:

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute offers courses in agribusiness management, agriculture, conservation and land management.

TAFE NSW North Coast Institute offers dairy trainee courses in dairy production, agriculture and agriculture mechanical technology.

Tocal Agricultural College, NSW DPI offers dairy trainee courses in agriculture and online external diploma courses in agriculture and conservation and land management.

Illawarra TAFE offers courses in agriculture, animal care, conservation and land management skills.


Feeding & Nutrition

Pastures, forages & crops - Optimising home-grown forage growth and utilisation is a key driver of farm profitability on the vast majority of Australian dairy farms. Read about key aspects of growing and utilizing grazed pasture and forage crops, and making silage and hay.

Feeding systems - Different feeding systems have their own mix of risks, performance and management principles.

Supplementary feeds - Home-grown or bought-in silages, hays, grains / concentrates and other feeds are used on most dairy farms to supplement pasture, forages and crops.



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