Projects & Initiatives 2010-2011

Project Description Status Region
Better calf rearing management training day

Information and training day on best management practices in colostrum feeding, nutrition, housing, welfare considerations and disease management. 

Completed Mid Coast
Biological Farming Workshop

Workshop to explore the use of biological formulations to reduce the use of synthetic phosphorus and nitrogen fertilisers in an effort to improve whole-farm fertiliser application efficiency and environmental benefit. 

Completed Inland
Calendar 2011

Promote the activities of the Regional Dairy Group and enforce its link to Dairy NSW and ultimately Dairy Australia as well as provide relevant information and data to farmers. 

Completed Hunter
Coastal dairy NSW catchments

Based in the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment this project aims to understand the risks of nutrient losses, improve the effectiveness of mitigation strategies and serve as a forum for communicating these issues to the NSW dairy industry and other stakeholders including the broader community.

Two case study farms will also be studied further and used as a focus for improving farmer, industry and stakeholder knowledge of processes of nutrient loss and factors contributing to these and the outcomes arising from a suite of implemented mitigation measures.  

Active Coastal NSW
Community engagement to advance dairying in the Hastings Valley to support local farmers

Promote the dairy industry in a region which has a high urban population but is close to many sustainable dairy farms.

Engage the local communities and create an understanding of the importance of farming and where milk comes from. 

Completed Mid Coast
Cows Create Careers Term 3 2010

Forty two schools participated in 2010 in the NSW component of this national project. Key aims of the project are the promotion of career and education opportunities for students (year7-11) in the dairy industry as well as increasing the profile of dairy in the local region where delivery occurs. 

Completed Dairy NSW region
Dairy effluent management training in the Sydney catchments

Delivery of training, education and one-to-one support to deliver 20 individual farm specific operational plans for the management of dairy effluent associated with dairies in the Sydney Drinking Water Catchments. This project aims to achieve current best management practice in order to meet higher level water quality outcomes sought for the Sydney drinking water catchments. 

Active Sydney Basin
Dairy industry mitigation strategies and on-farm adoption in a changing climate

Identify existing and emerging mitigation strategies to support dairy farmers to more confidently understand and adopt mitigation activities and other climate change related farming methods.
In order to make the project widely accessible and relevant, comparisons and analyses will be made and reported across 3 focus farms regarding scale of operations, types of forages and irrigation systems as well as local climatic characteristics. This project will be delivered in three states: NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. 

Completed NSW
Gippsland (VIC)

Dairy Legends Dinner

Bring together historical and active members of the dairy industry to build relationships past and forward across the industry and local community. Profits to assist in the building of a dairy museum in the Taree region.  

Completed Mid Coast
Demonstrating the environmental, production and economic values of humified compost on irrigated dairy crops

Monitor, measure and analyse soil water holding capacity, plant growth, plant nutrition, soil chemical composition, soil microbial diversity, root growth and activity changes as well as the benefits/costs of systems changes after the continued application of humified compost on a commercial dairy farm. 

Completed Inland
Digital Art Prize

This project will give the young people involved in dairy farming and rural communities to capture images that evoke what dairy farming means to them. 

Completed Hunter
Energy efficiency for small business program (DECCW)

Dairy NSW supported by DECCW to deliver the energy assessment process to dairy farmers in NSW in a manner that enables participating dairy farmers to access the DECCW rebate program and reduce their energy use.

Co-ordination and administration of a regional network of energy assessors to deliver the EESBP across industry. 

Completed Statewide
Energy efficiency training program - industry partnerships

Develop dairy-specific course for upskilling Dairy NSW energy efficiency assessors to DECCW assessor standards. 

Completed Statewide
Energy tool upgrade

Modify and upgrade the existing industry tool used by energy assessors to ensure tamper-proofing, simpler data entry, automated outputs and facilitate in the delivery of EESBP to dairy farmers. 

Completed Statewide
Mastitis prevention & treatment workshops

Farmer on-farm workshops focussing on mastitis prevention and treatment. 

Completed Hunter
Mitigation and adaptation in the Australian Dairy Industry Program -Future Ready Dairy Systems NSW

The project aims to build a broad base of industry confidence and competency to accommodate the future physical, economic and social challenges of dairy farming. This will be achieved through farmer to farmer learning through on-farm demonstration activities, strategies and technologies that are currently considered critical to meeting future challenges across the dairy supply chain. More specifically addressing:

  • Mitigating heat stress
  • Development of more resilient and flexible farming systems
  • Forage/pasture species suitable for reduced soil moisture availability, higher temperatures and increased rainfall variability
  • Strategies and technologies to reduce GHG emissions
  • Improved water use efficiency
  • Utilisation of feed additives to reduce methane production and maximise productivity
  • Improved nitrogen use efficiency
Completed Statewide excl. Inland region
On-farm climate change preparedness for the NSW dairy industry

Development of a climate change training course tailored to NSW dairy farmers, piloting of the course to 6 dairy farmer groups and then made available to the wider NSW Dairy industry. Also includes the establishment of two demonstration farms to disseminate practical experiences of the farm-level realities of successfully managing climate change, particularly regarding adaptation and mitigation.

Completed Statewide
Professorship in Dairy Science

Industry partner in supporting the conversion of the Chair of Dairy Science role at the University of Sydney into a Professorship in Dairy Science. The key role of the position is to, through the Dairy Research Foundation and the dairy science group, drive faculty researchers and more specifically dairy research in NSW. Current research projects include: development of Future Dairy III, genomics project on fertility with the Dairy Futures CRC, as well as developing fertility and feedbase projects for ‘Dairy Moving Forward’. 

Ongoing Statewide

Protecting biodiversity & improving soil condition across the Dairy NSW region

Develop dairy farm management plans using industry developed tools: Dairy Self Assessment Tool and Farm Nutrient Loss Index to target: improved soil condition by identifying and ameliorating soil carbon deficiencies and reducing soil acidification, landscape scale conservation that protects native biodiversity by providing incentives for farmers to regenerate and protect native

The project will engage over 80 dairy farmers through locally delivered workshops in strategically targeted regions across NSW and conduct professionally delivered on-farm analysis that will improve farmers’ on-going knowledge and skills.

Active Statewide
Regional Co-ordinator

Co-ordination of Regional Dairy Group including project management, sourcing funding, communication between stakeholders and networking between members. 

Ongoing Far South Coast
Regional Co-ordinator

Assist with the efficient operation of the Group including member and partner liaison, administrative and financial management as well as project management. 

Ongoing Hunter
Regional Co-ordinator

Liaise with dairy farmers and Dairy NSW as well as other partner organisations. Co-ordinate group activities and project management. 

Ongoing Inland – Forbes
Regional Co-ordinator

Liaise with dairy farmers and Dairy NSW as well as other partner organisations. Co-ordinate group activities and project management. 

Ongoing Inland – Wagga Wagga
Regional Co-ordinator

Work closely with the Regional Dairy Group executive team to enable the Group to expand its activities in response to the needs of dairy farmers and the local dairy industry.

Facilitate communication between local dairy farmers, support services and partner organisations. Source funding and assist with administration of projects.

Ongoing Mid Coast
Regional Co-ordinator

Provide assistance to Regional Dairy Group including co-ordination, administration, project management, preparation of funding applications etc.

Ongoing South Coast

Rotary Youth in Agriculture Dairy Camp

Provide an opportunity to build self confidence and personal development for young students interested in dairy farming. Career and industry pathways showcased and farmer mentoring of the group enhance future employment of students.

Completed Mid Coast
Youth Co-ordinator

Support the network of young dairy farmers on the South Coast, Southern Highlands and Sydney Basin districts.

Completed South Coast

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