Projects & Initiatives 2009-2010

Project Description Status Region
Australian Dairy Conference Tour Partner

In conjunction with the South Coast & Highlands Dairy Industry Group co-ordinate and develop the program for the pre-conference tour to enable farmers visiting the region to experience constraints / benefits of dairying on the south coast as well as seeing firsthand what top operators are doing and thinking about.

Completed South Coast
Building Decisions

A workshop to provide farmers and dairy industry personnel suffering low esteem (due to a reduction in milk price) with the skills and knowledge to identify and manage organisational change, become more effective in making decisions in a tight financial environment, measure performance and set clear goals to remain resilient in a changing business environment.  

Completed Mid Coast
Chair of Dairy Science

Industry support of the University of Sydney position – Chair of Dairy Science to provide a co-ordinated focus for research in pasture based dairy nutrition in NSW. 

Completed Statewide
Comparison of urea applications to alternative fertiliser topdressing

Comparison trial of ten different nitrogen based fertiliser products at different rates on the production parameters (including dry matter yield, plant persistence and feed quality) of irrigated annual ryegrass as well as economic considerations. 

Completed Hunter
Cows Create Careers Term 3

Forty schools participated in 2009 in the NSW component of this national project. Key aims of the project are the promotion of career and education opportunities for students (year7-11) in the dairy industry as well as increasing the profile of dairy in the local region where delivery occurs. 

Completed Dairy NSW region
Cups-on Cups-off

To expand the knowledge of dairy farmers and their staff on the effects and control of mastitis in the dairy herd. 

Completed Inland
Dairy farmer to ADC

Provide the opportunity for young and women dairy farmers (not supported by NextGen or Women4Dairy projects) to gain from networking with other like-minded industry people and benefit from current industry information and thinking. 

Completed Hunter
Mid Coast

Dairy industry mitigation strategies and on-farm adoption in a changing climate

Identify existing and emerging mitigation strategies to support dairy farmers to more confidently understand and adopt mitigation activities and other climate change related farming methods.
In order to make the project widely accessible and relevant, comparisons and analyses will be made and reported across 3 focus farms regarding scale of operations, types of forages and irrigation systems as well as local climatic characteristics. This project will be delivered in three states: NSW, Victoria (through GippsDairy) and Tasmania (through DairyTas). 

Completed NSW
Gippsland (VIC)

Dairy pasture top-dress trials

To compare a range of alternative ‘fertiliser’ products for their merit and value as possible replacement fertiliser options in the dairy production system and provide unbiased, replicated trial data to farmers on the possible benefits, or otherwise, in terms of feed production and quality. Provide farmers with greater awareness and consideration of the long-term profitability and environmental impacts of maintaining current fertiliser practice compared with using alternative fertiliser products. 

Completed South Coast

Dairy Research Foundation Symposium Partner

Partner in providing access to the latest research being conducted, a variety of Australian and international speakers from Australia and all over the globe as well as showcasing successful on farm adoption of research. 

Completed Statewide
Fat Depression - Fat in forages

Determine if the fat content or fatty acid profiles in fodder crops and pastures can provide a better prediction of the likelihood a milk fat depression (MFD). Findings will provide farmers and advisors with a better understanding of MFD causes and strategies to us on farm to prevent or correct a MFD. 

Completed Far South Coast
Feet & Feed

A series of workshops dealing with lameness and nutrition in dairy cows to provide dairy farmers with knowledge and skills that will enable them to be proactive in the management and treatment of lameness. 

Completed Mid Coast
Grasslands Conference Partner

Partner in a statewide conference targeting the agriculture sector to bring together all facets of the pasture and livestock industries. 

Completed Mid Coast
Links between lameness and acidosis: Effects of carbohydrates and histidine during an induced acidosis

This research project seeks to provide key insights to the role of forages in laminitis, through examining the effect of the amino acid histadine (high in certain grasses and legumes) and sugars in the face of increased access to starch in the grains typically consumed by dairy cattle. The specific objectives of the study were:

  • Evaluate the effect of different types of diets fed to cattle on: ruminal pH, ruminal fermentation products including volatile fatty acids (VFA), lactate (D- and L-) and ammonia, and histamine concentration.
  • Determine the blood and rumen concentrations of histamine in acidotic cattle and the relationship between the two in producing acidosis conditions.
  • To develop a diagnostic tool for the detection of laminitis in dairy cattle based upon histadine levels in blood. 
Completed Statewide
Mooin Transfer

Allow for participation of NSW school in the national finals of this national program. 

Completed Dairy NSW region
NextGen Workshops

Regional delivery of a series of 2 day workshops on regionally determined topics broadly ranging from corporate governance and professional development training, NRM and climate change, farm planning and BMPs, human resource management and professional mentoring in an effort to build leadership and representative capacity and decision making skills of women in the NSW dairy industry.,
Also delivered a NSW-wide industry conference event. 

Completed Statewide
On-farm climate change preparedness for the NSW dairy industry

Development of a climate change training course tailored to NSW dairy farmers, piloting of the course to 6 dairy farmer groups and then made available to the wider NSW Dairy industry. Also includes the establishment of two demonstration farms to disseminate practical experiences of the farm-level realities of successfully managing climate change, particularly regarding adaptation and mitigation. 

Ongoing Dairy NSW region
Promoting and achieving dairy industry best management practice for water quality and NRM

Oversee the delivery of the Dairy Self Assessment Tool (DairySAT) in an on-farm facilitated process to identify current NRM practices on farm, determine priority areas for improvement (if any), serve as a catalyst for supporting further on-farm improvement where necessary, and demonstrate current levels of BMP in each region. Funding was also secured for DairySA, WestVic Dairy and QDO for delivery of this project in their respective regions. 

Completed NSW
South Australia

Regional Co-ordinator

Seed funding for Regional Dairy Group to engage a Regional Co-ordinator to assist in the efficient operation of the groups as well as being a conduit for dairy needs between groups and Dairy NSW.

Ongoing Highlands
Mid Coast
South Coast


Regional delivery of a series of 2 day workshops on regionally determined topics broadly ranging from corporate governance and professional development training, NRM and climate change, farm planning and BMPs, human resource management and professional mentoring.

Delivered a NSW-wide industry conference event and allowed for participation at the National Women’s Forum.

Completed Statewide
Young dairy farmer to Dairy Research Foundation Symposium

Provide opportunities for young dairy farmers to meet and network with other like-minded industry people as well as the opportunity to gain from current research and showcasing of on-farm adoption and relevance to the dairy industry. 

Youth Co-ordinator

Support the network of young dairy farmers on the South Coast, Southern Highlands and Sydney Basin districts.  

Completed Highlands
Mid Coast
South Coast
Far South Coast

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