Vision / Mission

Dairy NSW is one of eight Dairy Australia (DA) Regional Development Programs (RDPs) that operate in the nation’s key dairying areas. Dairy NSW, operating since 1996, develops strategic direction for the southern, central and south to mid coast areas of NSW relating to dairy research, development, extension and education (RDE&E) programs. The organisation invests in a range of projects that align to its key priorities. Dairy NSW actively seeks investment partners and funding opportunities to assist in the delivery of dairy based RDE&E programs. Dairy NSW monitors the success of these projects and their ability to make tangible industry returns on investment.

Cows grazing paddock

Dairy NSW works closely with farm policy organisations, government agencies, milk processors, other RDPs and the dairy service industry to identify and develop priorities for the development and sustainability of the state’s dairy industry.

Dairy NSW is governed by a skills based board of between 6 and 8 people. The current 7 member Board is made up of people with substantial skills in farming, industry, business and governance as well as having a broad and substantial dairy farmer contact base.